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 Rules of Conduct

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PostSubject: Rules of Conduct   Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:41 pm


1. Thou shalt keep it PG-13!
If you crave explicit sex or copious amounts of explicit gore, go
elsewhere to satiate your craving. It will not be tolerated here.

2. Thou shalt follow roleplaying courtesies.
No Mary/Gary-sues, god-modding, text talk, or other basic writing or
roleplaying pitfalls, please. If you don't know what these things are,
please google them and learn about them, then come back. Also, please do
not use large signatures. Those will be deleted by admins.

3. Thou shalt have only one account per person.
Please do not create a new account for every single character - you can tie
them all to one account; they don't even have to be active for you to
keep! Place your character names in your signature so that everyone can
keep track of who you are.

4. Thou shalt have no OOC drama.
Do not start or participate in any OOC drama on the site. If it is found
that you have started, join in, are perpetuating or in any way at all
involved with drama on the site, you will be warned. If it continues,
bans will follow. Please keep drama off the site - it ends badly for

5. Thou shalt have reasonable post length.
We hope to be a fairly low-stress role-playing site, so we will not say
you need three paragraphs of at least five sentences to post. Post
enough to get your point across and give enough for your fellow writer/s
to respond. If you like long posts, you are welcome to write as such so
long as your thread mates do not mind.

6. Thou shalt follow the law and terms of service.
Follow all US and whatever country's laws you live in, and don't do anything
to violate Forummotion's terms of service. Basically, use common
sense when it comes to posting.

Thank you all for following these rules.
- The Management
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Rules of Conduct
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