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 Things to Note

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PostSubject: Things to Note   Tue Oct 25, 2011 8:33 pm


We like originality in appearance.
While we will not bar you from faceclaiming, we also expect modifications to be made to characters that
are not your original art or were not commissioned by you. Please add something to a character or take
something away if you borrow someone's art, especially if you do so without their permission.

Don't steal characters.
As we like originality in appearance, we like originality in characters. Do not steal characters from others
or from things such as tv shows, movies, etc. Create a unique character from your own mind and
take them for a spin and modify them as you may need. It's much more fun that way and
avoids stealing from people who work very hard on their own work. Thank you.


They are optional.
So long as it does not interfere with anyone else, you do not have to participate in a specific plot or event.
They are, generally, optional. If there is a large event that happens to be a big part of the overall site, however,
it is recommended you take part. It is ultimately up to you, though.

Users can suggest them.
Any user can suggest a new plot twist or upcoming event if they so wish. Suggestions are to be made
in the announcements & events forum, under the suggestions piece. Please include some detail about your
idea and be able to answer questions that we may ask. We like to make sure we really understand your idea
and make sure we have what you're thinking correct so that everyone remains happy.


On the creation of colonies.
Creating a colony will not be an easy process. Depending on how well this site goes off, it may
become a tedious process that will be closely monitored. The gist of it is to create a little sub-world
of Malgra and for the creator user to maintain it. As such, the creator must be able to give a very
in-depth description of the colony and be able to answer any question the admins may have about it.
Colony creation threads will likely turn into discussions to make sure everything about the proposed
colony is worked out and it is fully ready to run. If the colony seems to be too far from being ready,
the admins will simply reject it. We apologize in advanced to anyone rejected.

Separate colonies are limited.
Due to the nature of the colonies and their potential to grow into their own little worlds, we have
decided to make created colonies limited in number. This allows there to be a good amount of colonies
out and about, but it is limited enough so that this world does not grow so exponentially that
it will be too hard to moderate.

The workings of a colony.
A colony is proposed and, if approved, run by a user. The user becomes the moderator of the
colony. They can moderate posts and set any sub-rules as they wish. Proposed plots and events for
that colony will go to the colony owner and they will decide whether or not to run with it. It is like
a mini-Malgra. All colonies, however, must interact with Malgra at some point or another. It is not
a free forum for someone to use. If we find a colony to ignore Malgra too often to if we receive too
many complaints about a colony or its owner we will investigate the situation. Depending on what we
find, the colony may be shut down - temporarily or permanently.


On the creation of races.
When the term races is used, we mean alien races, not other races of humans. Keep this in mind
as you create your aliens. Aliens may be as wild and creative or as boring and basic as you please. They
can have special powers or can lack them, just remember to follow the forum rules. Propose new races
in the forum dedicated to it under the People category and be ready to answer questions.

Be creative with races, too.
Please do your best to not copy a race you see from a comic book, movie, other forum, etc. word
for word, ability for ability. Do try to change it up some as you create so that we have new and
interesting things that are not as common as the usual bulbous headed, large eyed alien. Also,
aliens don't abduct cows.


About affiliation…
Do you want to affiliate with us? Good! We want to affiliate with you as well! In fact, please! Feel free
to toss us into your affiliate box! Then, head over to this forum right here and give us the code to
your affiliate badge so we can add it to our box! We have options between static and scrolling
places, so please let us know where you would like to be so we can place you in the
correct spot.

About advertising on our site…
There are two parts to this section. The first is about sites where we posted to your site first,
and the second is about sites where you are posting to our site first. This is an important
distinction to make so that we can keep in order whether or not we have advertised on your
site or not. If you are posting to our site first, please go here so that we can respond to you.
If, however, we have posted to your site first and you are replying to our ad, please go here.
Thank you guys.

If you have any questions not answered here, pm an administrator.

Thank you for reading,
- The Management
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Things to Note
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